Since 2004, Supreme Software has worked with Government and private business to build custom systems to meet specific requirements.

During that time Supreme Software has been involved in the design and build of several systems within NSW Police Force such as the In Car Video system and the Evidential Breath Analysis System.

Using the latest Microsoft technologies, Supreme Software was able to deliver systems to NSW Police Force on time and within budget.

Some of the technologies used in these system were Silverlight, WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation), Prism, WCF (Windows Communication Foundation), MEF (Managed Exstenibility Framework) as well as SQL Server and SQL Compact.

The system were also constructed to adhere to the fault tolerant requirement for NSW Police systems by ensuring DADR (Disaster Avoidance / Disaster Recovery) could be enacted if required. 

With several thousand users (several hundred online concurrently) and several hundred PCs across many locations around the state of New South Wales, Supreme Software has delivered systems that have been well accepted and highly praised within NSW Police Force.

We have built and maintain several web sites for small business clients (Examples: Simpsons Hotel, Leila O'Toole, Angels Rest), as well as maintaining some core business systems  for medium sized international clients based in Sydney.